Monday, 5 August 2013

Squad Ecanus Minor Updates

Got a few hours in yesterday, but not much progress to report - even using an airbrush, painting cloaks is a time consuming process.

Anyway, Squad Ecanus got another dust coat of Olive Green on the armour, and I finished the bone cloaks off too. I did deviate slightly from my blueprint in the hope of achieving additional contrast between colours, though I'm not convinced I was successful. Will find out when it comes to washing I suppose. I suspect I'll end up changing the process significantly, I'm just not digging the raw colours I'm using (even were the contrast between highs and lows greater) - they aren't "warm" enough for my liking.

A few pics are attached below; my VMA colours were:
- Med. Camo Brown
- Khaki Brown
- Light Brown
- Sand (Ivory)
- White

I also didn't like how grainy the white was, will have to watch that moving forward (might need some thinner and lighter coats).