Sunday, 26 April 2015


Continuing on my Descent painting journey, my next finished paint job is these Cave Spiders.

I actually finished these a few weeks ago but kept forgetting to take some pics to post.

I took this rather arbitrary opportunity to play around with wet-blending on their legs. This is one technique I've never tried before and while it didn't come out perfect (I've had better transitions from layered dry blending in the past), I learnt a lot and it's something I'll be refining do I can add it to my toolkit. 

On with the pics!
Here's the original source image. 

And my painted rendition:

The next finished mini is a while away, unfortunately. In the expanded rules for Descent 2nd Edition the evil Overlord gets to choose a lieutenant that he can occasionally bring into play through cards. Our Overlord chose Belthir, so he's next up.