Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Descent: Shiver Complete

As I suspected, I ended up focusing on one miniature more than the other. The outcome will be the same, but here's the process I followed for Shiver:

1) For the cloak I blended from the Ultramarine Blue (UB) basecoat down through 50:50 UB & Sombre Grey (SG), then pure SG, and finally 50:50 SG & Black. All the mixes are mixed in a ratio of 4 drops of paint to 2 Thinner and 1 Slow Dry.

I then applied a very slight highlight with 2 UB:3 Electric Blue (EB):3 T:1 SD. Shading for the blue sections was 50:50 Imperial Blue (IB) and EB, followed by pure IB. Shading for the grey sections was simply more and more Black added to a drop of SG, along with increasing amounts of thinner to avoid a pure black tone.

Finally I applied a highlight to the OSL via 2 EB and 4 T, followed by a very thin glaze of 2 EB and 4 White.

2) The central part of the cloak was basecoated in a mix of 2 Hexed Purple (HP) and 2 Warlord Purple (WP). Once dried I applied a mix of 2 WP and 2 Alien Purple (AP) to all surfaces but the recessed pattern. I finished up with a very light highlight of 4 AP + 1 WP on the edges.

3) The skin was a bit of a mess. I basecoated it in Dead Flesh but found that it was horribly yellow. I recoated in Bonewhite (BW), then shaded with VGC Sepia Ink which I note should never be diluted with Vallejo airbrush thinner. While the wash worked, it was extremely strong and stained the flat surfaces a lot more darkly than I had hoped. I recoated in BW, then highlighted in BW + White followed by BW + 2 White. I then glazed in a very thin mix of 1 VMA Pale Green, 1 BW and 10 drops of Glaze Medium before coating all of his skin. This gives just the slightest tint and makes him look sickly pallid rather than a skeleton.

I then painted his eyes in two shades of EB and White, and glazed a lighter tone onto his cheeks to represent eye-glow.

4) Finally I worked the metal parts.

The silver was undercoated in black, then gunmetal, silver and finally a wash of VMC Sepia Ink.

The gold was undercoated in Leather Brown, then Polished Gold and then also washed with Sepia Ink.

Anyway, that's Shiver down, Trenloe to go! Hopefully work doesn't stay as crazy as it has been and I'll have more time to paint over the next few weeks. Until then...happy hobbying.

~ Darchangel