Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Airbrushes Away!

So, after receiving my Iwata Eclipse HP-CS recently from Dick Blick, I had another 2 week wait for a compressor - very painful waiting on something you're excited to receive.

After prayers to the Emperor went ignored that it'd arrive on Friday in time for the weekend, what should appear first thing yesterday morning but my brand new Iwata IS925HT compressor! :) I have to say, while the shipping wasn't super-fast (a week and a bit from Adelaide), it was nicely packed and the guy even threw a few lollies in the box (an odd, but nice touch).

Fired it up for the first time last night, and whilst I didn't manage to get any paint through it, initial impressions are that the compressor is surprisingly small, very quiet, and sits conveniently on my painting desk without trying to escape via vibrations when it's filling the tank.

I'll play with it more on the weekend and post some first impressions once I run some paint through it.

In terms of hobbying, I've had a couple of really slow weeks. The Devastator squad is so close to finished I can almost taste it - threw the final Dullcoat on 3 of the guys last night and re-glued the annoying banner on the Sergeant. All that's left now is to put squad-number decals on the Sergeant and the Plasma Cannon marine (again...I hate decals falling off after they are perfectly placed!), then Dullcoat them. Once they're dry, 10 minutes, some PVA glue and some static grass should see them finally completed.

Then, on to my custom generator build to go inside the Terminus Ultra :D