Sunday, 24 July 2011

Busy Weekend!

So, after waiting almost a week for it to stop pouring, I was able to get the Dullcoat on my Devastator squad to finally complete it.

Let me know what you think :)

I haven't been letting the wet weather completely stop me though, getting to work on my Land Raider Terminus Ultra as soon as I found the time over the weekend. This anti-armour specialist is one of five Land Raiders in an Armoured Spearhead and since it doesn't have any troop carrying capacity I thought I'd use the internal space to model a power generator to feed the massive 8 Lascannon's this beast drags around the battlefield!

After much cursing and finger slicing, I'm pretty happy with the result. The generator is made from the Hurricane Bolter arms of two Ironclad Dreadnought kits, clad with plasticard to hide the asymmetrical shape of the arms they were originally sculted to represent, and adorned with the missile launcher covers and Assault Drill chassis from the same dreadnought kit. The thickest wire I could find in a Bass Guitar String set provides the finishing touch. I'm yet to decide if I'm going to add more wiring - I had originally planned a far more complicated setup, with a number of pieces sitting on the floor in front of the generator, all wired together using thin wiring, then using the heavy cabling to run a wire from the centre to each Lascannon (representing the power feed to each gun). Each of the 12 bolters was also going to be wired into the pieces on the floor. However, I just couldn't jam that much stuff into the small space I had to work with, and I got the impression it would have been way too busy with that much wiring anyway. Will throw on a coat of paint and figure out whether I'll leave well enough alone, though comments would be greatly appreciated.

I also made some plasticard covers for the inside doors to finish off the internal space. I used a sharp needle-tool to etch some rudimentary armour coverings in the visible space to make it look like the same as the doors on the inside of weapons sponsons - it's pretty rough but you'll hardly be able to inspect it closely once the tank is built anyway. I spent the remaining time I had to put as much of the rest of the kit together ready for a primer coat once it stops raining.