Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Back From the Dead...Again

Wow, I knew my life had been crazy, but didn't realise how crazy until I saw its been practically a year since my last post! The worst part is, that's how long it's been since I've been hobbying too!

Oh well, no time like the present to kick things back off. After moving into a house that actually fits my painting gear into it, I've had three sessions in a week. Not much to show for it thus far, but it's a start.

Before the long break I had just finished putting my Company Master and command squad together. His name is Ecanus, so the squad will be referred to as Command Squad Ecanus from now on.

Before my break I was just starting out into the big scary land of airbrushing - I had managed to lay down base costs of one colour successfully, but not much else. My plan is to practice until I'm adept enough to replicate some of the amazing work I've seen from Yaroslaw on his YouTube channel BuyPainted. The guy is an absolute master of airbrush control, delivering inspiring results in both time savings and smooth colour transitions.

For me to come anywhere near that I need a lot of patience, a load of experimentation and practice, practice, practice. I also need to resolve the matter of colour schemes I was struggling with a year ago, since the brainiacs as Games Workshop Money Printing Inc abandoned the line of paint I was using on my Dark Angels, including the cornerstone colour for my army, Dark Angels Green. They claim they replaced it, but in my opinion Caliban Green lacks the warmth and rich depths of DA Green and I was so annoyed I abandoned GW paints altogether. I've collected a fair amount of Vallejo Game Color and Model Air paints since and will be working exclusively with them moving forward, but I still need to figure out which paints to use where.

Ok, so in summary, my challenges are thus:
1) Determine the paint scheme for DA green armour
2) Determine the paint scheme for bone armour (Deathwing + trim colours)
3) Figure out how to use my AB's effectively

I'm now running an Iwata Eclipse HP-C 0.35mm for base coats, and the beautiful Harder & Steenbeck Evolution Silverline with a 0.2mm needle for detail work.

According to BuyPainted, the latter is capable of painting the shadows in a cloak with a single smooth-transitioned stroke so that's my goal in terms of skill and effectiveness.

I just need to figure out how to do it!

More very soon.

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